What Is Verification?

Written by Michael Bennet

Verification is the process by which a postsecondary institution confirms the accuracy of the information that is provided from within a student’s FAFSA. Not all students that submit a FAFSA are chosen for verification, while some schools do mandate that all of their students be subjected to the verification process.

The FAFSA federal processor selects certain students for verification, and if you are chosen the process is relatively simple, and easy to follow. You must complete the verification process if you are chosen in order to become eligible for federal student aid, including the Pell Grant, for that particular academic year.

Verification Process

This process consists of filling out a verification worksheet, and then providing all of the necessary documentation to support any the information that you submitted during your completion of the FAFSA in regard to your income. You will need to submit the appropriate paperwork along with your verification worksheet to your financial aid office by the appropriate deadlines.

Remember that you won’t be able to get the Pell Grant, or any other sort of federal student aid until you complete the verification process, and for this reason you should make sure to abide by any deadlines that are set forth.

Once you have completed the verification process your information will be viewed in contrast with the data you provided along with your FAFSA. If there are any errors, or discrepancies, the financial aid department at your college may simply correct them on their own, or they may require your input.

This process really is nothing to worry about, and in actuality the federal processor randomly selects a large proportion of the student applications that are chosen for verification, and just because you are selected doesn’t mean anything in and of itself at all.