The Fundamentals of the Federal Pell Grant Award

When evaluating your Pell Grant eligibility it is important that you have a firm grasp on the fundamental aspects of this award. These basic areas include the Pell Grant’s history, how to apply, eligibility requirements, and how much funding you can expect to receive upon qualifying for aid.

The following sections contain the most relevant information in regard to these areas, and they should be reviewed in order to gain a basic understanding of what the Pell Grant is.

Pell Grant General

This article gives a good overview of the Pell Grant program, and how to become eligible.

Pell Grant History, Future, and Reform

These articles can give you a general synopsis of the Pell Grant’s history, and how it has recently undergone a variety of amendments as a result of the SAFRA legislation.

How to Apply for a Pell Grant

Applying for a Pell Grant involves the completion of the FAFSA. This article gives you a detailed explanation of how to go about this in the most efficient manner.

Evaluating Pell Grant Eligibility

Determining your eligibility for the Pell Grant involves exhibiting the appropriate financial need, in combination with having the ability to satisfy the various other requirements for both federal student aid, and the Pell Grant.

The following articles can give you a detailed explanation of what these requirements are exactly, and how financial need is determined by the Department of Education.

The Pell Grant Amount

The amount of aid you can receive via a Pell Grant changes on a regular basis from year to year. The following article clearly reveals the total amount of funding you can expect to get from a Pell Grant, and how the final amount you are able to receive for any particular award year is determined.