Where Can I Get My Pell Grant Check?

Written by Michael Bennet

This is another question that students often have, and realistically speaking the answer depends on the particular student’s situation.

This is because some students never have to get their Pell Grant check at all, and rather have their aid allocated automatically by their school’s financial aid department towards any outstanding balances that may already be present in the student’s account.

Gaining Access

Remember that Pell Grants are awarded on an annual basis, and therefore need to be applied for each year regardless of whether or not a student may have received one during the previous academic term. This means that most Pell Grants are disbursed to students at the beginning of each new school year—the exact time when outstanding tuition and other major expenses are due.

When the Pell Grant aid comes in and is injected into the student’s account it is common practice to put it towards any outstanding balances that are present, especially if no other aid is available. Once the student’s account balance has been taken care of, any leftover Pell Grant money will remain in the student’s account for them to gain access to if they so desire.

This is where it may be appropriate for students to get their Pell Grant check via a cash release, or by whatever mechanism the school may have setup for students to gain access to the money in their student accounts.

Gaining Direct Access

The college will always serve as the intermediary even if the student does not have an outstanding balance at the beginning of the semester, and no Pell Grant checks will be sent directly from the Department of Education to the student.

This means that students will always have to access their leftover Pell Grant aid via their student account, which may or may not allow them to have a check sent directly to them. Students should contact their school’s financial aid department to find out more about what their policies are in regard to Pell Grant disbursements, and how they let their students access their accounts.