Locating a Pell Grant Calculator

Written by Michael Bennet

A Pell Grant calculator is essentially a software program that is able to determine your eligibility for the Pell Grant, and perhaps the amount of aid that you may be able to receive for a particular award year.

The problem is that most Pell Grant calculators are unsuccessful at doing just that, and are essentially programs that may be good at determining other things with regard to the Pell Grant, and perhaps other kinds of data.

The only real Pell Grant calculators in existence that I know of and recommend are the FAFSA, and the FAFSA4caster, as these can both determine your Pell Grant eligibility, and the level of aid that you may be able to get via the Pell Grant.

The FAFSA is of course the bedrock application that must be submitted in order to become eligible for all sorts of federal student aid, and not just the Pell Grant, and while it does reveal your eligibility for the Pell Grant, it must be completed in-full in order to be utilized to full effect.

The Alternative to the FAFSA

Most students want to locate a Pell Grant calculator to be able to determine their eligibility before they actually complete the FAFSA, and when this is the case the only real option is to use what is known as the FAFSA4caster. This is an application that can be found at the official FAFSA website, fafsa.ed.gov, and is essentially a simplified version of the FAFSA that once completed, can reveal to you similar data that you would find in your actual Student Aid Report.

Your Pell Grant eligibility status, EFC, and eligibility for other kinds of federal aid will all be estimated and given to you once the FAFSA4caster has been completed, and in this regard it is a valuable asset that any student should not hesitate to complete when they require federal aid to pay for school. Because eligibility for the Pell Grant is determined via several predefined formulas that aren’t available to the public, the FAFSA4caster is the only real Pell Grant calculator that can be utilized besides actually submitting the real FAFSA.

The FAFSA4caster In Perspective

While other programs may be available online, they will not be able to truly calculate your eligibility status, or EFC, and for this reason I do not endorse such programs. The only option for getting this data before you actually submit the FAFSA is to utilize the FAFSA4caster, and just be aware that even though this program is made available by the Department of Education, the data it provides is only an estimate, and is not binding in any way.

Remember that even the information you receive in your real SAR may be subject to change, and nothing is set in stone until you have received an award letter from your college.