How To Use Your Pell Grant Money

Written by Michael Bennet

Pell Grant money is only supposed to be used towards education related expenses. You must sign a statement that will certify this before you will be able to receive any actual aid, and if you violate this statement you may have to return part, or all of your Pell Grant award package.

Once your college has established that you have either received Pell Grant aid when you weren’t supposed to, or that you have been using your Pell Grant money towards other things besides what are considered to be education related expenses, a Pell Grant overpayment can be stricken to your record, and you may have to pay back the funding you received.

Not only that, having such a mark on your record may also disqualify you from receiving any sort of future federal aid. This is why it is so critical that you go ahead and use your Pell Grant money in an appropriate manner, and upon knowing how to do this exactly you should have no issue in doing just that.

The following contains a brief rundown of some of the acceptable uses of Pell Grant aid:

  • Tuition
  • Room and Board
  • Transportation Costs
  • Books
  • Computers
  • Lab Accessories
  • School Fees

All of these types of costs are closely related to your higher education, and are therefore acceptable items to utilize your Pell Grant funding on. What separates education related costs from other sorts of general expenses that may not be education-related?

Ask yourself this simple question before making a purchase, “is this necessary for me to complete school?”. Ubiquitous items like clothing that are not specific to going to college do not qualify, and it is important to simply go ahead and use common sense if you have any doubts or concerns.

If you have any further questions on how to utilize your Pell Grant money, and what expenses may, or may not be education related, don’t hesitate to contact your school’s financial aid department to find out about what they consider to be acceptable uses of Pell Grant aid.