The Pell Grant is the most popular federal education grant in existence today. It provides aid to over seven million college students each year, as roughly 10 to 15 percent of all undergraduate students receive at least some portion of Pell Grant funding each year.

That being said, it can be quite difficult for a student to learn how to become eligible for the award, and to figure out what the basic requirements are for the program.

Why PellGrantEligibility.net?

You would think that because of the Pell Grant’s overall prevalence there would be a centralized online resource that would be solely dedicated to providing students with the information that they need about this award, including how to become eligible. The truth is that such a resource doesn’t exist, and that is why I created PellGrantEligibility.net.

Students need to be able to get fast answers about any questions they have about the Pell Grant program, and because most of the websites that are available online are either inaccurate, out of date, incomplete, or simply of a low quality, I think that the creation of a comprehensive site about the Pell Grant has been long overdue.

Hopefully students will be able to benefit from the use of this site by not having to “hunt and peck” online in order to find the information that they need about the Pell Grant, and because this site will always be up-to-date, students won’t have to worry about locating what may be the most “current” document source.

What Is PellGrantEligibility.net?

As was previously stated, this site is a comprehensive resource about the federal Pell Grant. It contains articles, and other assets that can give students the answers they need about the Pell Grant program. The site was designed with regard to the major areas that are relevant to the Pell Grant, along with an additional section that is dedicated to providing information about getting other kinds of financial aid.

The following includes a brief list of the major sections of PellGrantEligibility.net:

  • General information about the Pell Grant program
  • History of the Pell Grant
  • How to Apply for a Pell Grant
  • Determining Pell Grant Eligibility
  • Getting the Maximum Pell Grant Amount
  • Pell Grant Reform and Future
  • Questions and Answers about the Pell Grant
  • Getting other kinds of financial aid in accordance with the Pell Grant

Most of the articles and other assets that are found on PellGrantEligibility.net fall into one of the previous categories, and the site as a whole will revolve around these major sections.

I think that the architecture of the site lends itself very nicely to providing its users with the ability to quickly, and easily navigate to any particular resource they are trying to locate, and perhaps the best way to find something is to navigate through either one of the category links in the sidebar, or through one of the main navigation links in the header.

Who Is Behind PellGrantEligibility.net?

My name is Michael Bennet, and I’m the primary creator of PellGrantEligibility.net. I’ve worked in the financial aid sector for the past ten years or so at several colleges and universities, and I currently work at a fairly large school on the east coast as a financial aid counselor, and department manager.

Over time this site may turn into a “larger” site about all things having to do with financial aid, so don’t be surprised if you eventually see articles written by different authors besides just myself in the near-future. I welcome all feedback, and can be reached via the contact form that is found on this site. I wish you all the best of luck while getting a higher education.

Best Regards,

-Michael Bennet